Catch a spider - vocabulary game + TOYS flashcards

I'm sure that most of you know the game with flashcards and flyswatters (if not I wrote about it here). Today I want to show you another amazing game with a flyswatter and velcro. The game works perfectly well not only with kids but also with teenagers! 
First, I want to share the Toys flashcards since I used this vocabulary category to create the spiders. Click the photo below to download the cards.

Chwilowo niedostępny

Let's talk about the game now. To make it you will need:
  • a flyswatter
  • velcro (the black color is the best since it looks like a spider fur)
  • cards (you can download them below
  • scissors 
  • supplies to laminate

All you need to do is to print the cards (with toys on one side and the spider on the other), laminate and add the soft side of the velcro to each spider. The rough side of the velcro add to the flyswatter. 

How to play?
The rules are very simple. Just place the cards on the floor with the toys face down. Each student takes turn and tries to catch a spider. heir task is to name the vocabulary items which are on the other side of the spiders caught.