Easter lesson ideas

We had the first Easter lesson yesterday and it was great. Can't wait for another ones. I have many activities and games for my students and I want to share some of them with you today. About the game Trick the Rabbits you can still read here. My students loved it! 
But anyway, let's get started with some other ideas. 

Easter Flashcards

Ester Eggs Race

The first one is the Ester Eggs Race. Each student got one small paper basket. In the middle there was a bigger basket with Easter eggs. Inside there were tasks to do (like bunny hops, name 5 vegetables, etc.) and pictures with Easter vocabulary. 

Students, one by one, took one egg and named a picture or did a task. If they managed they could take the egg, if not they had to put it back. The winner was a student with the highest number of eggs. 

However, you can hide the eggs and organize Easter Egg Hunt. Instead of taking the eggs from the basket your students can find them. It's also very exciting :)

Puzzle Easter Egg Hunt

What I'm also planning to do is the Easter Egg Hunt with puzzles. I hide the puzzles in the eggs. Students look for them and when they have all the eggs we arrange them in one picture.

If you look for more ideas with plastic eggs visit the Hummingbird blog - click!

Roll a bunny!

Also, we draw our own bunnies! The results were very funny. I prepared a board with different bunny's parts and they threw a dice to draw each element. 

Previously I published here the board which I drew  - I saw the photo of it somewhere on the internet but there was no website given so I decided to draw it myself. I wanted to share it with you because I think it is a great activity. Now when I know when it comes from I give you link to the original game. Click here ;)

Additionally I want to apologize to the author of the game if she felt offended in any way. Below you can see her photos and bunnies drawn by my students. 

Easter Wreath

This is a very simple but amazing activity. All you need is a paper plate and paper eggs.  Each student decorate one egg. When the eggs are ready, cut out the middle of the paper plate and attach the eggs to the plate. Add some ribbon and that's all! You can now decorate your classroom. 
To learn some more about this, visit this site.

Free Easter Worksheets

If you look for some printables for your students, I recommend these two websites: embarkonthejourney.com and totschooling.net

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Have fun and Happy Easter!