Happy Easter and Trick the Rabbits!

Hello my friends! As I informed you in my newsletter I changed the look of the blog. I think that the previous template was a bit sad. That is why I decided to change it and add more colors! I hope you like it ;) But anyway, Easter is coming and it's time to give you some materials to celebrate this holiday with your students! I have a new game and Easter flashcards for you today!
Let's get started!

The list of words:

chicks, catkins, bunny, bread, chocolate egg, 
chocolate bunny, muffin, basket, flowers, easter eggs

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The Trick the Rabbit game's rules are pretty simple. Thanks to the game, students practice memory and vocabulary. All you need to do is to print the board, carrots and prepare nine rabbits. I used the caps from plastic bottles. I attached equal rabbits to the top of each cap and nine different images to the inside of the caps. All images are in the pdf file you can download below.


These are the rules:

Sit with your students in a circle. The board with nine rabbits and 50 carrots are in the middle. Each student takes one carrot. 

In the first round, each student raises one rabbit and show it to others. If a student has this image on his/her carrot they continue the game in the next round. If a student does not have the image they lose one turn in the next round. 

The students must remember which picture is under which rabbit! After the first round, students' task is to raise three rabbits in the same order as on their carrots. If they manage they can keep the carrot, if not they have to try in the next round (they can have the same carrot or change it, as you wish). A student with the highest number of carrots wins!

Remember that each time students rise a rabbit they have to say the word out loud in English! 

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That's all for today. Have fun and see you on Friday for the third lesson with the Gruffalo!