Pixel Race!

If you follow Mambiatka on Facebook you've probably noticed that from now on all the new posts will be written in English and the older ones I will gradually translate. I've been studying English for quite a long time so I think it's high time ;) I want to inform you that I'm working on the Newsletter with additional materials that you won't find here. I'm not sure when exactly I'll manage to do it but keep checking. That's all when it comes to the news. Today I have a new game for you. Let's get started!

As you probably observed the leading theme in my game is the pixel art. Nowadays, when the technology is pretty advanced, the art of pixels seems to be forgotten. That's why I've decided to use it with my students. The subject of the game are shapes. 

These are as follows:

circle, cross, heart, square, 
star, triangle, rectangle

I think the game is pretty universal and you can use any vocabulary you wish.

The game looks like this:

All you need is to print and laminate all the elements (2 boards, playing cards, and characters).


How to play?
I sit with students in a circle. Each student/pair gets two boards, one in A4 format and the other one in A5 format. The playing cards are in the middle so that everyone has  access to them. Each student/pair alternately throws the dice and takes one card from the pile. Their task is to say the name of the picture on the card in English. For instance a red triangle.

If they are correct they can move their counter (bottle cap) up. The number of places is given on the card they've chosen. The students move their counter above the characters depending on which one is on the dice they threw.

If a student (pair) reaches the highest place they receive a particular figure (Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, or Yoshi). The one who collects all characters wins.

That's all! If you have any questions, just email me and I will answer as soon as possible.
Have fun!