Share Week!

Today's post won't be strictly about teaching but about an amazing idea of Share Week organized by Andrzej Tulcholski! This is the fifth edition, where the authors recommend other authors. To be honest I haven't heard about it before and I'm glad I found this blog. When I first read about the event I immediately thought that I must try! Sounds interesting? You can read more about the rules here.

The three blogs I recommend:

Natalia's passion is photography. Her blog is mainly for photographers who want to take better pictures. As she writes, she focuses on the basics of photography, explains how to edit photos and advises how to photograph and live with passion. Because, as she says, only such a life is meaningful.

Photography is not my passion but Natalia also gives some advice when it comes to running a blog. Owing to her tutorials I learned how to visually organize my blog, how to create a newsletter, a domain, and many many more!

Thank you!

Ewelina is a teacher who works with young learners. Her blog is a source of many amazing ideas to use while teaching kids. She shares many ideas for crafts, freebies to download, and advises how to work with children. I visit her blog quite regularly and like it a lot. It's a blessing when you do not have time to think what to do with your students tomorrow. 

You're amazing! Thank you! 

Monika is also a teacher. She works in kindergarten and her head is also full of fantastic ideas! She shares many freebies, useful websites, amazing inspirations. Monika advises how to store teaching aids, explains how to make your own STUNNING notebook or why parents should encourage theirs kids to become scouts, and many more! I often use her ideas.

Monika, you're ideas are absolutely great!

Thank you!

As you can see the two of three blogs I recommend are educational blogs. This is because I spend so much time sitting in front of the computer (writing my MA thesis, creating new materials for students, and running this blog) that in my free time I prefer reading a book or meeting friends to spending another hours on the internet.

There're many blogs worth recommending and it was pretty difficult to choose only three. If you want to recommend blogs that you like, take part in the Share Week or write them in comments below!