The Gruffalo: Body parts

Hello everyone! I hope you are all fine today! It's Friday and what does it mean? Another lesson with The Gruffalo! If you missed the first lesson you can read about it here! Today I have new freebies with Gruffalo's body parts for you. It's my second lesson while preparing for reading the story.

My students haven't heard of The Gruffalo before so I showed them a picture of it. They were absolutely interested what it might be. We revised the body parts they already knew and learned some more, these connected strictly with Gruffalo's body. Here is the list of words: 

legs, knee, tongue, arm, 
head, nose, teeth, eyes, 
tusk (+jaw), claw, toes, prickles/back

What is more, I also prepared a worksheet with body parts for them . There are three images with some body parts and letters. Student's task is to cut the letters out and paste the letters in the correct order under the images. 

You can download everything here:


Finally, we played the Gruffalo Roll Game, which I found on

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That's all for today. The third lesson with the Gruffalo next Friday. See you!