The Hot Potato Game

I know that today is Friday and it was supposed to be another post with The Gruffalo but I've been pretty busy lately and didn't have time to organize all the materials. But don't worry, I will do that later ;) 
I have a game for you, which is very funny and which can be used for any vocabulary items.

You will need:
  • a potato (a bean bag or a tennis ball)
  • potato cards
  • music (optional)
There are potatoes with 8 different faces you can print them like that or choose one face. The number of cards depends on students number. I printed 27 cards.


The rules:
Sit with your students in a circle. Select a category from which your students will have to name the vocabulary items. Explain that our potato is very very hot and they cannot hold it more than 5/8 seconds. To pass it on they need to say one word from the category; for example animals, furniture, etc. In one turn a word cannot be repeated. If someone repeats the word or doesn't say it in 5/8 seconds, they receive a potato card. 
However, you may sometimes allow the students to repeat the words in one turn but additionally play them some music. When you stop the music, the person who holds the hot potato gets the potato card. A person who has the smallest number of potato cards wins.
You can play as long as you wish :)

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I hope you like the game. It's very exciting especially with a real potato! Have fun and visit my blog on Tuesday!