The Old MacDonald's Farm

Hello my friends! I hope you are all fine today. Do you know the song Old MacDonald Had A Farm by Super Simple Learning? I'm sure most of you do. I like this song a lot and so do my students. I decided to prepare a game that refers to this great song for them. If you are interested in what I have prepared read what I wrote below.
Let's get started!

For those of you who do not know the song I place it below. Just listen to it and fall in love with the song as me and my students did :)

Super Simple Learning offers you flashcards to this song, which you can download here. They look like that:

Let's focus on the game now. Download the materials, print, laminate for durability, and cut out. If you don't have many students you can print as many sets of animals as the number of your students. The same with the board. However, if you have quite a lot of them, they can play in pairs. There are 4 sets of animals in the pdf file below.

Remember to print the dots with colors on the back side of the cards!!


Now it's time to prepare the wheel. You will need:
  • printed and laminated wheel
  • a cork from the wine bottle
  • a pin
  • a safety pin
If you have all these things, follow the photos:

The rules:
Sit with your students in the circle. Each student or pair gets one board. Place the cards face down in the middle. Each person/pair spins the wheel in turnThey raise a card with color from the wheel. 

Their task is to name the animal and make the noise of the subject on the farm card. If they manage they can place the card on their board. If not the card must be shown to the other players and then returned to the table, face down.

If a student/pair already has the card on their board (option 1, see below), the card must be shown to the other players and then returned to the table, face down.

The winner:
There are two possibilities. 

  1. The winner is the first player/pair to collect all the animals cards on their farm board. 
  2. The winner is the player/pair who has collected the highest number of cards.

I hope your students will enjoy the game. Write your opinions about the game in the comments below.

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