25 movement cards with animals

Some time ago I taught my students Wag Your Tail song by SSS. I decided to prepare some movement cards to learn the song better. I started creating the cards and it turned out that there were 25 of them! They go with Wag Your Tail and Let's Go To The Zoo songs by SSS. 

The pack contains the following commands:

  1. Crab walk
  2. Stomp like an elephant
  3. Peck like a hen
  4. Jump like a kangaroo
  5. Wiggle your ears like a hippopotamus 
  6. Waddle like a penguin
  7. Slither like a snake
  8. Flutter like a butterfly
  9. March like an ant
  10. Stand tall like a giraffe
  11. Swim like a polar bear
  12. Bend your knees like a camel
  13. Fly like a bird
  14. Stand like a flamingo 
  15. Stretch (your body) like a cat
  16. Hop like a bunny
  17. Swing like a monkey
  18. Slide like a snail
  19. Gallop like a horse
  20. Wag your tail like a dog
  21. Chomp like an alligator 
  22. Thump your chest like a gorilla
  23. Creep along like a spider
  24. Soar like an eagle
  25. Blink (your eyes) like a firefly

Let's Go To The Zoo 

For this song use the following cards: Stomp like an elephant, Jump like a kangaroo, 
Swing like a monkey, Waddle like a penguin, Slither like a snake, Swim like a polar bear.

Wag your tail

For this song use the following cards: Wag your tail like a dog, Thump your chest like a gorilla, Bend your knees like a camel, Wiggle your ears like a hippopotamus.

You can print the cards in A4, A5 format or smaller. I printed the cards in A5 format. I leave you cards in A4 and A5 format. You can download them below.


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