And the winners are...

It's a beautiful and sunny day in Gdansk today - a perfect one to announce the winners of the contest that lasted from the 1st until the 22nd of April. First of all I want to thank you for sending the photos. It was a great challenge for me since it was the first contest I've ever organized. I was surprised that I received so many entries. The decision to choose only a few was extremely difficult. I would like to award all of you but unfortunately I don't have  so many prizes.
The book and bag WINNERS:

The penguin dance!
Meet Ala, she is only 2,5 years old! Her amazing mum, Ms Agnieszka teaches her English 
on her own. It's amazing to see that parents work with their children at home.
Congratulations! I hope Ala will enjoy the book!

25 movement cards
This is how Ms Małgorzata works with her students during English lessons. I really love 
the idea of playing and learning with children outside the classroom, 
especially when they can move! 

The bag WINNERS:

Spring bingo
Ms Dominika working in her garden.

Hot potato!
Ms Marta's amazing students! I love their faces! Thank you!!

Trick the rabbits!
Ms Weronika's students tricking the rabbits.

Thank you everyone once again! The rest of the photos will appear on Facebook soon. I will email all the winners and inform about sending the prizes! Have a beautiful day!

If you want to buy my bag, email me and I will inform you 
about the prize and shipping.

If you want to buy the book, visit Macmillan website.