BUGS: Rock, paper, scissors!

Hello everyone! The post was supposed to be tomorrow but I won't have time so I publish it today. Me and my students are going to talk about insects soon so I prepared flashcards and a game for them that can be used with the Rock Paper Scissors song by PINKFONG.

The list of words:

butterfly, spider, worm, ladybird, 
caterpillar, dragonfly, bee, snail

You can download the flashcards under the photo below. 


Later I introduce the song which will be partially used in the game:

The rock, paper, scissors game

The rules are very simple. Students play in pairs. They put their counters on the start (it can be from any other game or students can use a rubber or a sharpener). Students play the rock scissors paper and say the rhyme in the rhythm of the song. The one who wins must tell the name of the first picture on the worm. If he/she manages they can put their counter on the picture. If not they do not move their counter. 

The winner is the first player who reaches the head of the worm. 


Have fun and see you on Tuesday for more insects ideas!

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