Earth Day

Hello everyone! I thought I wouldn't manage to prepare lesson on Earth Day but I succeeded! Ready for some new resources? Let's get started!
First of all, we talked about the rubbish we can segregate. I introduced the following vocabulary:

box, old books, newspaper, notebook/paper, 
white glass bottle, coloured glass bottle, jar,
 glass, plastic bottles, caps, plastic bag, 
plastic blocks

Later, we talked about the colours of the bins and how to segregate rubbish. I printed and laminated the bins and the cards with rubbish and stick a magnetic tape to them. The students put the elements on the cookie sheets (or on the blackboard). 

Finally, we played the memory game.


During our second lesson we did some craft-work. I found a great activity . However, I decided to slightly change the slogan. Instead of The Earth is in My Hands I wrote My hands can recycle.  On the fingers we wrote all the rubbish we can recycle. 


Need something more?

Visit Ewelina's blog (click) for some amazing resources:


Memo game:

Domino game: