13 games to play during end-of-year lessons

The end of the year is approaching! Now it's time to play and revise things our students have learned. Today I prepared the list of 13 games you can use with your students to practise all the things they learned.

Prepare the 25 movement cards and go with your students outside! 
Download the cards here!

Bingo is always a great idea to practise some vocabulary! Especially when you have a bingo spinner! 
It doesn't have to be used only with numbers! 
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Time to catch some spiders! On the back of the cards you can print any pictures with any vocabulary items you need. CLICK!

Hmmm... Maybe it's time to relax and go fishing? 

Collect the flashcards with vocabulary your students has learned 
and play a giant TIC-TAC-TOE with them! CLICK!

Hippo, Hippo we can't wait,
Show us quickly what you ate!
Hippo, Hippo don't be rude,
Hippo, Hippo share some food!

It doesn't have to be food items! You can prepare cards with all words 
your students has learned!

Time to play with Jenga! Great game with charades and some rebus puzzles.
All you need to do is to prepare cards with some vocabulary items.

Use your flashcards and may the force be with you!

A game with cards to practise shapes. Nevertheless, you can use it with other vocabulary items. Just print some pictures you need on the back side instead of shapes.