Camping Time! Decorate your classroom!

Did you know that June is US National Camping Month? Unfortunately, I didn't have much time in June to prepare lessons about camping. That's why I announce that Camping Month with Mambiatka is in July! Today, the first post with inspirations how to decorate your classroom! Nevertheless, keep visiting my blog since I have prepared many great resources for you: flashcards, worksheets, games (board game as well!) and some more! 
I have collected some great ideas how to decorate a classroom. Below you will find my favorite pictures and links to the websites where I found them. Let's get started!

  • The most important is CAMPFIRE! It's very easy to do it yourself! 
I love the campfire prepared by Risa. It's time-consuming but totally impressive! She sewed the fire, rocks, logs and even the s'mores, marshmallow and hotdogs! So COOL!💛💜

Click on the image to enlarge.

Nevertheless, if you can't sew you can prepare it from paper, tissue paper, and even swim noodles! Take a look:

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  • If possible, it's also a great idea to bring a tent, some sleeping bags  and camper chairs to your classroom! It makes the lessons really attractive for kids! 

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  • Decorate your classroom bulletin board! 
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See you on Tuesday for free camping resources!