FREE Reward Coupons! Classroom management strategy - MOTIVATION

The new school year is finally coming! To be honest I can't wait! I prepared a motivating system for my new students. I'm going to change the system throughout the year so that my students don't get bored. Today I want to share my new freebies and the idea of reward coupons with you. Most of you probably know the system since it's quite popular! It's great because you don't have to spend any money! Let's get started!

First of all you will need the tickets. I prepared black and white version so that you can print the tickets on orange paper (or any color you wish). There are tickets with 6 or 12 places to punch. Each student receives one ticket. They get a punch for good behavior, being active, etc. (it's up to you what for you give your student a punch). Once the punch ticket is full, they can get a reward!  

The rewards are written on the reward coupons (cats). When a student has the punch ticket full, s/he can draw one card. Then they get the card with their reward in black and white printed on yellow (or any color you wish) paper (see photos below). 

The rewards are as follows: 
  • tell a joke to the entire class
  • be the teacher's helper of the lesson
  • you can skip one homework
  • wear a crown for the next lesson
  • you can draw or write on the board
  • the teacher organizes your desk
  • you can sit at the teacher's desk
  • you can sit on the teacher's chair
  • positive note to your parents
  • you can choose music for the next lesson to listen while we work
  • you can eat lunch with your teacher and one friend
  • you can choose a short cartoon to watch at the end of the next lesson
  • you can choose one additional game to play
  • you can sit on the top of your desk
  • lead a class game or activity
  • you can be the first to choose a place while sitting on the floor

There was one issue that bothered me - kids could lose their tickets or cats. I decided to give each student an envelope. Students will paste their envelopes at the end of their notebooks and put there their tickets and rewards. 

After they get a reward they receive another ticket!

You can download the freebies below.


If you want to write your own rewards download the editable versions. After downloading the file you can open it and edit. 
You will need the following FONTS:


  Punch tickets - 6 places --> click!

  Punch tickets - 12 places --> click!
  Reward coupons - colour --> click!
  Reward coupons - black and white --> click!
  EDITABLE reward coupons - colour --> click!
  EDITABLE reward coupons - black and white --> click!

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