Monsters! Number Flash Cards | 1 to 12

The new school year is coming. That's why I prepared some new flash cards with numbers from 1 to 12. I used pictures with monsters! I love them. There are flash cards for a teacher in A4 and A5 format. There are also smaller cards for your students or your child in A6 format. Below you can find two types of these cards. The coloured ones and black and white ones so that your kids can colour them on their own! Additionally, the cards in A5 and A6 format have a template for the cards wallet to keep them all together.  Enjoy!

The coloured version:

The black and white version:


   Number flash cards - A4 - colour --> click

   Number flash cards - A5 - colour --> click
   Number flash cards - A6 - colour --> click
   Number flash cards - A6 - black and white --> click